Thursday, 19 January 2012

A New Chapter

I figured some people might be interested in knowing a bit more about this blogger: I am currently in my last semester of my Masters degree in Public and International Affairs. Don’t ask me how that relates to fashion because I can’t think of any connection. But now that I’ve satisfied my academic desire, it’s time to devote attention to a new chapter... my personal interest – FASHION. In an ideal world, I would have made my entrance to the fashion world through modelling. But I had to make a decision: actively pursue modelling or actively pursue my academic degrees. Now I feel academically satisfied, but sometimes I wonder whether I made the best decision. The modelling route just seemed riskier; I had no guarantee about the rewards, and I did not have enough confidence to actively pursue it. Dedicating my time and attention to my academic degree felt like a safe bet. Often times I get the same types of questions/comments from strangers and friends: “Are you a model?” “Why aren’t you a model?” “You should be a model”… All these, a constant reminder of what could have been. But if only breaking into the modelling world was as easy as these people made it sound. I knew better. An active pursuit of a modelling career would require hard work, persistence and sacrifice. And for me, it felt safer to instead channel these into academics. I chose safe over risky so now I would never know what could have been especially now that my age stands against me. Lol. I am proud of my academic accomplishment but also disappointed in my deep-seated self pessimism. So for all the young girls who dream of modelling, I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again: follow your dreams and don’t be discouraged by the doors that get slammed in your face. You really don’t want to look back when you are older and wish you had followed your dream. It’s far better to keep trying and fail than fail to keep trying.
I may never set foot on the runway as I always dreamed but there are other aspects of fashion I enjoy: assembling pieces, emulating styles I love, and commenting on or critiquing fashion styles. Fashion related commentary would be the premise of this blog. Now let the real blogging begin… :)

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